Gift Cards

We offer gift cards of €10, €25 and €50. You can order them online in our online shop.

You can also purchase a voucher for a dégustation in our cheese bar. Go to Proeverijbon for more information. If you order online, you will receive it by mail, but you can also get them directly in any of our shops.

If you want to book a tasting, you can fill in the online reservation form, send us an email at or call 020-7370817.

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Gift Boxes

At Fromagerie Kef, we prepare customized cheese and wine gift boxes. Below, you find a number of examples to give you an idea of what to expect in different price ranges. Prices are including VAT. Give us a call and we are happy to help you make a decision.


White Wine
€ 29,50

This box contains our white house wine: Les Quatre Fils (Chardonnay). This is a full-bodied but not too complex Vin de Table from Burgundy. It goes together very well with French classics, such as Chabichou de Poitou, Camembert, Comté Vieux and Vieux Boulogne.


Goat cheeses
€ 45,-

Have you ever thought of selecting your cheese platter around a special theme? Cheeses all made from goat milk, for example. As the example below illustrates: ‘what grows together goes together.’ A full Touraine by Francois Chidaine (a biodynamic white wine with a hint of elderflower) accompanies a number of classic goat cheeses from the Loire Valley. Such a delight!


Luxury Gift Box: Sancerre
€ 69,50

The above gift box be extended with a more luxurious wine such as the outstanding Sancerre by Cotat. A very elegant, floral wine with a mineral character. Additional kinds of goat cheese are also added to this box, such as the creamy Mothais sur Feuille, a fresh goat cheese wrapped in a chestnut leaf.


Luxury Gift Box: Vouvray
€ 45,00

The most suitable partner for a mild cheese platter is a good white wine.

In this example, you find a Vouvray by Francois Chidaine – a full, mineral, biodynamic wine of Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley– combined with Couronne (a crown-shaped goat cheese in ash), Chaource (a fresh white-mould cheese), Comté Vieux (an elegant mountain cheese from the Jura) and the Achelse Blue (a mild Belgian blue cheese).


Red Wine
€ 29,50

A gift box based on Les Quatre Fils Aymon (Pinot Noir and Gamay). This smooth and accessible Vin de Table from Burgundy is very nice to drink as an accompaniement to some creamy and milder cheeses. Options include a soft goat cheese, creamy Saint-Philippe, a farmhouse Morbier and a friendly blue cheese like Bleu d’Auvergne.


Natural Wine (Lou Gressac)
€ 35,-

Our wine range includes a number of natural wines. These Vins Naturels contain almost no additives, which allows the grape and the terroir optimal expression. Often, the taste of these wines is a bit funky. For example, a gift box can be prepared with our juicy Lou Gressac (Syrah) combined with exciting cheeses that you might not previously have tasted. Like Salers, Ami du Chambertin and Bleu Brebis de Rascalat.


Luxury Gift Box: Gigondaz
€ 55,00

If you look for a suitable partner for a robust cheese platter, you should choose a good full-bodied red wine. In this example, you find the Gigondas – a beautifully rich, ripe red wine from the Rhone region.


Port Wine
€ 35,-

If you think of cheese you might think of Port. In this classic example you find our Churchill Tawny Reserve – a caramel-like port paired with cheeses like a traditional Dutch farmhouse cheese (almost three years old but still creamy), Vieux Boulogne, Testun al Barolo (an Italian cheese made of cow and goat milk, matured in a layer of grape must) and the supreme Neal’s Yard Stilton.


Upland Ruby Port Wine
€ 39,50

You can upgrade the gift box Port wine, by choosing our Upland Port – a biodynamic, deep red port-like wine from South Africa. The cheeses are as described above.


Luxeury Gift Box: Red & White Wine
€ 89,50

Finding it difficult to choose? Or looking for something abundant and varied? Then this gift box, with a white and a red wine and matching cheeses, sweets and a sausage is perfect.

This box contains a White Burgundy by Vincent Latour and a Red Bourgogne Epineuil, paired with a Picodon, a Chabichou, a piece of Saint-Phillipe, Camembert, Comté, Morbier, Bleu d’Auvergne, fig bread, a muscatel grapes and a Brandt&Levie sausage. Just imagine getting this for a present…


White & Red Wine
€ 65,-

In addition to the luxury gift box white and red wine, it is also possible to compose this gift box around our red and white house wines of  Les Quatre Fils.


€ 42,50

Did you know that a good bottle of sparkling wine actually goes really well with a lot of different cheeses? The fresh bubbles in the wine stimulate your taste buds and bring out all the flavours in the cheese. Simply delicious! We offer a fine crémant: Marie Vernay (Chardonnay and Alligoté) from Burgundy.


Luxury Gift Box Bubbles
€ 72,50

Do you have something extra special to celebrate?

This box contains our classic Champagne, by Larandier. This biodynamic, pure Blanc de Blancs combines very well with light, fresh cheeses. Among these are the Etoile de Berger (the star among the goat cheeses), Chaource (a fresh white-mold cheese) and Langres (a slightly pungen but floral red-rind cheese) and a beautiful old Pecorino.


€ 47,50

In this example, you find the Muscat De Beaumes-de-Venise – a chic dessert wine made from Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains grapes in the Provence – paired with Charolais (a full, minerally, goat cheese), Tomme de Brebis (sheep cheese from the French Pyrenees), Roquefort by M. Carles (THE Roquefort) and a bunch of dried moscatel grapes.




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