Paired Cheese Tasting

All our tasting experiences take place in our cheese bar at Van der Pekplein 1, right across the IJ River behind Central Station in Amsterdam Noord.

We bring together a unique range of seasonal cheeses from small-scale producers, mostly from France and the Netherlands. Each day we select a number of cheeses that are currently at their best. As part of the experience, we immerse you in the stories of the origin and background of our cheeses, which are mostly from small-scale producers and farmers with whom we have built personal as well as professional relationships.

Please make a reservation online:  // Or fill in our online booking form (Dutch) >>

If you book a tasting on a wednesday and thursday at 13.00 or at 16.00 we will welcome you with an extra treat: a glass of Poiré to start a cheerfull tasting. Please give u a call to reserve your table!

You can choose between a basic and an extended version:

1. Dégustation Intermédiaire
Price: €25 per person
Duration: 1½ – 2 hours
This entails two plateaus of 4 or 5 kinds of cheese each, building up in intensity from mild to strong and ranging from runny to hard. These are accompanied by 2 glasses of wine or craft beer that complement and accentuate the full complexity of the cheese flavours.

2. Dégustation Mémorable
Price: €35 per person
Duration: 2 – 2½ hours
This entails three plateaus of 3 to 5 ripe and seasonal cheeses. We lead you from fresh, mild goat’s milk cheese to those with a funky red rind and end with the mouldiest of blue cheeses. These are accompanied by 3 glasses of wine or craft beer that complement and accentuate the full extent of the cheese flavours.

Extra: Supplement Charcuterie
Price: €11,50 per person
Our selection of local artisanal cold cuts is a great possible addition to your tasting: dried sausage from local celebrity sausage makers Brandt&Levie and terrific pâtés and rillettes from our favourite Amsterdam artisanal butcher shop De Pasteibakkerij.

Of course, you are welcome to simply drop by for (a cheesy) lunch, to enjoy the atmosphere over a drink with some cheese on the side.If you have any (dietary) requests or if you want your platter to be made only of cheeses sourced from the Netherlands, please let us know in advance.

You can also give someone our Degustation experience as a gift. Gift vouchers are for sale in our shops or online.

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